• SE1-010K4
  • SE1-010K4
  • SE1-010K4
  • SE1-010K4


Product Introduction

It is mainly used in the correction detection, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, etc., with a repetition accuracy of 2μm and a sampling period of 250μs.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications of SinceVision sensors
Measuring rangeEdge: ±5mm
Transmitter-receiver distanceMax. 300mm
Light sourceSemiconductor red laser
linearityWhen the distance between transceiver and receiver is 100mm: ±0.4%F.S. (±40μm)
Repetition accuracy2μm
Response time250μs
Ambient temperature/humidity-20℃ ~ +50℃/35 ~ 85%RH (no condensation freezing)
Store temperature/humidity-40℃ ~ +70℃/35 ~ 85%RH (no condensation freezing)
Protection classIP67
Shell materialAluminium alloy
dimension21 mm x 61 mm x 10.6 mm

Controller main index
Model numberSEA-DM2-A/VSEA-DM2
Number of sensor head connectionsMax. 2 pairs of sensor headsMax. 2 pairs of sensor heads
Sensor head connection modeM8 6-pin connectorM8 6-pin connector
Sensor head communication modeRS-485 (maximum 20m cable)RS-485 (maximum 20m cable)
Display measurementTFT screenTFT screen
Display lightPower indicator: Green; Output indicator: RedPower indicator: Green; Output indicator: Red
I/O external input1 way (also valid for sensor head channel 1/ Channel 2)
I/O switching output2 output PNP/NPN Optional open collector Max. 100mA/DC 24V Residual voltage less than 1.8V
I/O analog output2 output analog current/voltage Optional, current: 4 ~ 20mA (maximum load 300Ω) or voltage: 0 ~ 10V (output resistance 100Ω)
Protection LevelIP50IP50
Operating environment Temperature/Humidity-20 ° C to +50 ° C /35 to 85%RH (without condensation freezing)-20 ° C to +50 ° C /35 to 85%RH (without condensation freezing)
Storage environment temperature/humidity-20 ℃~+70 ℃/35~85% RH (without condensation or freezing)-20 ℃~+70 ℃/35~85% RH (without condensation or freezing)
InstallationDIN rail installation settingDIN rail installation setting
shell materialPC+ glass fiberPC+ glass fiber

EtherCAT communication unit technical specifications
EtherCAT distance between nodesMax. 100m
EtherCAT Transfer speed100Mbps
EtherCAT mapping functionProcess data communication, mailbox communication
Connect sensor connected modelsController SEA-DM2
Connection Number of connections that can be made to sensorsMaximum 8 controllers (16 pairs of sensing heads)
Connection sensor connectable form10-pin connector
PDO communication data transmissionsupport
SDO communication data transfersupport
Use ambient temperature/humidity-20℃ ~ +50℃/35 ~ 85%RH (no condensation freezing)
Storage environment temperature/humidity-40℃ ~ +70℃/35 ~ 85%RH (no condensation freezing)
Protection classIP50
install35mm DIN Rail (conductive)
Shell materialPC+ Glass fiber

Model description of the deviation correcting sensor
Transmitting sensing headSE1-010K4-T
Receiving sensor headSE1-010K4-R
controllerSEA-DM2-A/V; SEA-DM2
EtherCAT Universal Communication moduleSU1-EC
2m long Y-shaped cableSCB-EY-HA3-2m
5m long Y-shaped cableSCB-EY-HA3-5m
5m long extension cableSCB-EF-HA3-5m