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Product Introduction

SH6-504 is a full-featured high-speed camera created by Deep Vision Intelligence for high-end scientific research, national defense, aerospace, high-speed industry and other fields. It adopts a special custom sensor, unique circuit design to make it have 170Gbps effective bandwidth and excellent imaging quality. At the same time, it has a wealth of extensible interfaces, so that high-speed imaging applications have more possibilities.

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Technical specifications

resolutionFrame rateRecord time (memory)Record time (hard disk)
2560 x 20163600FPS4.6 (s)4.6 (s)9.2 (s)7 (min)21 (min)35 (min)
2560 x 12805600FPS4.6 (s)4.6 (s)9.2 (s)7 (min)21 (min)35 (min)
2560 x 10246600FPS4.6 (s)4.6 (s)9.2 (s)7 (min)21 (min)35 (min)
2560 x 51211000FPS2.9 (s)5.8 (s)11.6 (s)9 (min)27 (min)45 (min)
2560×25617000FPS4.5 (s)9 (s)18 (s)15 (min)45 (min)75 (min)
2560×12823000FPS5.5 (s)11 (s)22 (s)18 (min)54 (min)90 (min)
2560×3250000FPS10.4 (s)22.8 (s)45.6 (s)34 (min)102 (min)170 (min)

Model number
Maximum resolutionFull Resolution2560 x 2016
Full shot speedFull Frame Rate3600fps
Maximum shooting speedMaximum Frame Rate50000fp
Minimum exposure timeMinimum Exposure Time1 mu s
Pixel sizePixel Size9 microns
Standard memoryStandard RAM40 GB, 80 GB, and 160 GB are optional
Extended memoryExtended Memor4T, 12T, and 20T are optional
Dynamic rangeDynamic Range60dB
Analog GainAnalog Gain×2、×4、×8
Bit ResolutionBit Resolution8bit/10bit/12bit
Shutte ModeShutte ModeGlobal shutter
ColorColorMonochrome (M)/Colorful (C)
Lens MountLens MountE interface, can be connected to F interface, C interface, EF interface
Data InterfaceData Interface10 Gigabit Ethernet, Adaptive Gigabit Ethernet
Fan ControlFan ControlSupports on/off, adaptive speed based on temperature
Operating Temperature/HumidityOperating Temperature/HumidityStandard -10~50 ℃, below 95% (without condensation), customizable -35~65 ℃ wide temperature version
Video Signal OutputVideo Signal OutputSDI, Ethernet
Recording ModeRecording ModeStart, End, Center, Random, Manual
Trigger ModeTrigger ModeManual, IO, Image
External SignalExternal SignalInput: trigger (TTL/switch) signal, synchronization signal, ready signal, event signal, IRIGB code signal
Output: trigger (TTL/switch) signal, synchronization signal, ready signal, exposure signal, recording signal
Power SupplyPower SupplyDual power supply, DC24V
Dimensions (excluding lens)Dimensions (excluding lens)217D × 110W × 110H, excluding raised parts
Power ConsumptionPower Consumption55W
Standard AccessoriesStandard AccessoriesPower cord × 1. AC adapter × 1. Network cable × 1. Camera control software × 1. User manual × 1. Factory certificate of conformity × one