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Product Introduction

SH6-113 series is a full-featured high-speed camera created by Deepvision Intelligence for high-end scientific research, national defense, aerospace, high-speed industry and other fields, inheriting the excellent gene of strict quality control of Deepvision product family. After careful polishing, the appearance, structure and performance of the product are presented to the extreme. It not only has 160Gbps data bandwidth, but also supports up to 20TB optional memory, which can meet the needs of long-term recording.

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Technical specifications

resolutionFrame rateRecord time (memory)Record time (hard disk)
1280 x 102413600FPS2.4 (s)4.8 (s)9.6 (s)8 (min)24 (min)40 (min)
1280 x 76818000FPS2.4 (s)4.8 (s)9.6 (s)8 (min)24 (min)40 (min)
1280 x 64021000FPS2.6 (s)5.2 (s)10.4 (s)8 (min)25 (min)42 (min)
1280 x 51227000FPS1.9 (s)3.8 (s)7.6 (s)6 (min)18 (min)30 (min)
1280 x 25653000FPS2.6 (s)5.2 (s)10.4 (s)8.6 (min)26 (min)<
1280×128 104000FPS 2.6 (s) 5.2 (s) 10.4 (s) 8.6 (min) 26 (min) 42 (min)
1280×64 189000FPS 2.6 (s) 5.2 (s) 10.4 (s) 8.6 (min) 26 (min) 42 (min)
1280×8 1000000FPS 4.1 (s) 8.2 (s) 16.4 (s) 13.6 (min) 40 (min) 68 (min)

Model number
Maximum resolutionFull Resolution1280 x 1024
Full shot speedFull Frame Rate13600fps
Maximum shooting speedMaximum Frame Rate1000000fp
Minimum exposure timeMinimum Exposure Time1μs(Standard), 100 NS (Optional)
Pixel sizePixel Size14.6 mu m
Standard memoryStandard RAM40 GB, 80 GB, and 160 GB are optional
Extended memoryExtended Memor4T, 12T, and 20T are optional
Dynamic Range Dynamic Range 60dB
Analog Gain Analog Gain ×2、×4、×8
Bit Resolution Bit Resolution 8bit/10bit/12bit
Shutte Mode Shutte Mode Global shutter
Color Color Monochrome (M)/Colorful (C)
ROI ROI Support
Lens Mount Lens Mount E interface, can be connected to F interface, C interface, EF interface
Data Interface Data Interface 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Adaptive Gigabit Ethernet
Sensitivity Sensitivity ISO67000(M);ISO23000(C)
Fan Control Fan Control Supports on/off, adaptive speed based on temperature
Operating Temperature/Humidity Operating Temperature/Humidity Standard -10~50 ℃, below 95% (without condensation), customizable -35~65 ℃ wide temperature version
Video Signal Output Video Signal Output SDI, Ethernet
Recording Mode Recording Mode Start, End, Center, Random, Manual
Trigger Mode Trigger Mode Manual, IO, Image
External Signal External Signal Input: trigger (TTL/switch) signal, synchronization signal, ready signal, event signal, IRIGB code signal
Output: trigger (TTL/switch) signal, synchronization signal, ready signal, exposure signal, recording signal
Power Supply Power Supply Dual power supply, DC24V
Dimensions (excluding lens) Dimensions (excluding lens) 217D × 110W × 110H, excluding raised parts
Weight Weight 3.8kg
Power Consumption Power Consumption 55W
Standard Accessories Standard Accessories Power cord × 1. AC adapter × 1. Network cable × 1. Camera control software × 1. User manual × 1. Factory certificate of conformity × one