• SD-C1400
  • SD-C1400
  • SD-C1400


Product Introduction

Integrated body, ultra-small size suitable for various installation environment, has a rich communication mode

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Technical specifications

Model number
Reference distance (CD)400mm
Measuring range±200mm
Light sourceLight source wavelength655nm
Laser classClass 2
Laser output power1mW
Spot diameter (spot size)Near side500×430μm
Reference distance800×380μm
Remote side1000×630μm

Repetition accuracy

150μm(measuring distance 200mm-400mm)

400μm(Measuring distance 400mm-600mm)


±0.2% F.S. (measuring distance 200mm-400mm)

±0.3% F.S. (measuring distance 400mm-600mm)

Temperature characteristic0.05% F.S./℃
Sampling frequency (Hz)100/200/1000Hz(3 levels optional)
Input/outputAnalog output

1 analog output, analog voltage (0~5V) or analog current (4~20mA)

Analog voltage or analog current cannot be switched

IO input1 way, support laser shutdown, teaching, trigger, zero and other functions
IO output1 route, determine the status output

Operating temperature

-10 ~ 50

Storage temperature-20 ~ 60℃
Working humidity35% to 85% no condensation
EFT protectionPower port 2kV/5 or 100kHz, signal port 1kV/5 or 100kHz, in accordance with IEC 61000-4-4 standards
ESD protectionContact discharge is 4kV and air discharge is 8kV, in line with IEC 61000-4-2 standards

10~55Hz, dual amplitude 1.5mm,2 hours in X, Y, and Z directions respectively

impact500m/s ² (approximately 50G), 3 times in X, Y, and Z directions respectively
IP levelIP67, in accordance with IEC 60529 standard
Size (mm)37×25×20
Weight (including cables)50g