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high resolution industrial camera



high resolution industrial camera SR9000 Series 3D Profiler Measurement accuracy up to 1um 6400 points in the X direction X direction resolution 3um Key indicators exceed the international leading level It is widely used in 3C industry, new energy power battery industry, machining process testing, electrical and electrical testing and other fields.

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Product Details

Model SR9040
Reference distance (CD) 40mm
Z-axis height (FS) 6.6mm
X-axis width Proximal 16.2mm
Reference distance 17mm
Remote 18mm
Light source 405nm Blu-ray
Z-axis linearity ±0.02%of F.S.
Z-axis repeatability 0.1um
X-axis repeatability 0.6um
X-axis data interval 3um
X-axis contour points 6400
Scan speed (Hz) 1500-13000
Enclosure rating IP67, compliant with IEC60529 standard