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3d depth sensor



3d depth sensor SG series point laser displacement sensor Reproducibility reaches 0.02um Sampling speed 590K Has the fastest acquisition speed in the industry Used in semiconductor/LCD, electronic/electrical components, OA/multimedia, automotive/transportation, metal manufacturing, plastic/rubber/film and other industries

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Product Details

Model SG5020/5025
Installation mode Diffuse/Specular
Reference distance 20mm
Measuring distance 17mm~23mm
Spot diameter Small spot spot size About φ45um
Wide spot spot size About 45*400um
Linearity ±0.02%  F.S. 
Reproducibility 0.02um
Sampling frequency 1/2/5/10/20/50/88/200/400/590KHz (10 levels to choose from)
Weight (including cables) 324g