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What is Industrial Digital Speckle 3D Camera




The industrial digital speckle 3D camera (Figure 1) refers to actively projecting the digital speckle pattern to the surface of the object to add texture, capturing the texture through binoculars and performing parallax matching to obtain 3D point clouds. The core module is speckle projection module, including high-brightness LED light source, shaping light path, digital speckle glass and industrial lens.

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The high-brightness LED light source ensures that the digital speckle 3D camera can still obtain a stable 3D point cloud when the ambient light changes;
The digital speckle glass slide is made by photolithography process, and is engraved with 3 million feature points, which ensures that the digital speckle 3D camera can obtain sufficient texture features and stable point cloud in a large field of view;
The supporting lens of the projection module is a common industrial lens, and the industrial lens with different focal lengths can realize different digital speckle 3D camera formats. Digital speckle 3D cameras are widely used in large-field robotic depalletizing, such as carton depalletizing and soft package depalletizing.