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The important role of 3D industrial cameras in the disorderly grasping of robots




Before 3D vision was put into industrial applications, the cluttered and disordered work tasks were usually positioned with traditional tooling. This method cannot meet the needs of using one tooling positioning for different products. With the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing, the demand for disordered applications in industrial production has increased.

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In order to solve this problem, 3D cameras have become the best choice for such application scenarios. Because the 3D vision guidance solution is specially designed for scattered and disorderly stacked workpieces, it can assist the robot to complete 3D intelligent grasping efficiently and accurately. This replaces the traditional tooling fixture and solves the problem of flexible tooling well.
From the perspective of production and environmental adaptability, the industrial development in the next few years will have a wider demand for 3D vision. The high-quality 3D camera can scan the 3D data of the workpiece, help the robot to quickly and accurately find the measured part and confirm its position, guide the manipulator to accurately grasp and position the workpiece, and realize the flexible tooling of the industrial robot automatic production line. In terms of application development, in addition to intelligent grasping, robot 3D vision also has excellent performance in automated welding, automated cutting, automated assembly, and automated palletizing.