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The application of 3D camera in welding related industries




In the automatic control of the welding seam inspection system, the traditional inspection and positioning accuracy is not enough, and the result of large welding seam deviation often occurs, which cannot meet the welding requirements. Weld seam detection through machine vision technology and its application in production have significantly improved the degree of automation of welding control, which has now become a research hotspot of automation control.

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In order to reduce the complexity of equipment installation, reduce the welding position deviation caused by interference factors such as workpiece deformation and spatter, and improve the welding accuracy, use machines to replace the traditional manual inspection, and complete the identification and classification of weld defects, which will greatly improve the detection. Efficiency has certain development prospects and practical significance.
The 3D visual weld seam inspection system is the current cutting-edge inspection technology in the welding field. It selects a 3D camera for automatic welding seam tracking, which can obtain accurate three-dimensional data information, and conduct computer data analysis and processing through the image processing system to obtain machine control signals. Movement of the welding torch.