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Ease of use and security for 3D cameras




Regarding the ease of use of the 3D camera, you need to pay attention to whether the 3D camera is convenient to use, and you need to consider the three elements of hardware, software, and documentation.

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From a hardware perspective, a 3D camera should be flexible enough to be easily integrated or mounted on a robot, and still be stable under twisting, bending, and pulling.

Machine vision algorithms are also important. In order to obtain efficient and accurate image calibration and analysis performance, you need to check whether it is easy to set up, whether it supports secondary development, and other built-in functions. In addition, we recommend that you read the instructions carefully for bug fixes, features, and updates.

Comprehensive documentation (for example, parameter sheets, training courseware, examples, and support you can expect during the development phase) can help you solve problems quickly when using your 3D camera.

Regarding the safety of 3D cameras, you need to consider whether 3D cameras will interfere with people. Because it is very necessary to choose a 3D camera (such as an infrared 3D camera) that is eye-safe and does not interfere with people. It prevents people and objects from being exposed to the laser, effectively avoiding direct exposure or reflection. In addition, workers do not need to wear laser safety glasses, and the entire production process is safe, harmless and environmentally friendly.