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The application of 3D machine vision in industrial automation




With the development of modern industrial automation, machine vision inspection is widely used in a variety of inspection, measurement and part identification, such as car wheel model identification, magnetic material appearance defect detection, barcode and character recognition on product packaging, etc. The common characteristics of such applications are continuous mass production and very high requirements for appearance quality.

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Usually this kind of highly repetitive and intelligent work is done by manual inspection. While adding huge labor and management costs to the factory, it still cannot guarantee a 100% inspection pass rate. Machine vision inspection with integrated 3D camera can replace manual inspection of these single, repetitive procedures with its automatic, objective, non-contact and high-precision characteristics. Compared with the image processing system in the general sense, its accuracy, speed and reliability in the industrial field environment have been greatly improved. It can increase the production capacity of qualified products, resulting in fundamental cost savings.
Some products have higher precision requirements, reaching 0.01~0.02m or even micron level. The industrial 3D camera of Zhixiang Optoelectronics can fully meet the requirements of industrial-grade precision, realize intelligent 3D scanning, obtain accurate 3D data, efficiently remove defective products, and help the machine to complete various complex tasks.