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Advantages of 3D Camera Inspection




The application of 3D cameras has been further upgraded in industrial automation inspection solutions with the vigorous development of machine vision technology. The traditional 2D image analysis technology mainly extracts the feature information of the grayscale image to measure the X, Y plane of the object. The detection of 3D parameters such as height, thickness, curvature and volume of objects is often limited. In order to obtain richer object information, 3D vision technology has become the focus of the industry in recent years. Common 3D vision solutions include binocular stereo vision technology, time-of-flight method, laser triangulation and structured light 3D measurement technology. Among them, the structured light 3D measurement scheme has the advantages of faster and higher precision compared with the first two schemes, so it has also become the 3D detection scheme of choice in the field of industrial inspection.

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Structured light 3D measurement technology is a non-contact active optical 3D measurement technology. The basic principle of this technology is to project a beam of coded light onto the surface of the object to be measured. When the surface topography of the object changes, the distribution of the coded light will be affected by the object. Height modulation, and then use the camera to obtain the surface image of the object, and demodulate the obtained image to restore the 3D shape containing the height information of the object. According to different light sources, it can be divided into point structured light triangulation measurement technology, line structured light light section measurement technology, and surface structure spatial light modulation technology. The advantages of data quantity, speed, high precision and strong robustness.