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Precautions when using a 3D Laser Profiler




The generalizer is an instrument for inspecting and testing the generalization, two-dimensional displacement and two-dimensional size of an object. It can measure the shape of the prime line, viewpoint, logarithmic curve, straightness, groove width, convexity, groove of various fine mechanical parts. parameters such as depth. The instrument is widely used in motor and mechanical processing.

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Motorcycle parts, auto parts, fine tools, molds, fine hardware, optical components, cutting tools and other industries. Co., Ltd. will introduce the precautions for the use of the generalizer. When measuring, ensure that the probe and the workpiece surface are clean.

When measuring, try to adjust the workpiece clamping point of view so that the probe moves smoothly during measurement, and do not fluctuate greatly, so as not to damage the probe. If the machine has not been used for a long time, when the operating conditions change or when the probe is replaced, be sure to perform the test after calibration of the probe.

When measuring, the tangent point of view, X-direction travel, and Z-direction travel are summarized to ensure that they are within the measuring range of the machine. When the machine runs the reference point, be sure to pay attention to the orientation of the probe to ensure that the probe will not be damaged during operation. After the measurement is completed, adjust the HZ so that the probe is in a safe position.