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Difference Between Profiler and CMM




1. The purpose of the profiler

It can measure the roughness and contour shape parameters of various precision mechanical parts. Use the fitting method to evaluate circular arcs and straight lines, etc. Thereby, shape parameters such as arc radius, straightness, convexity, groove center distance, inclination, vertical distance, horizontal distance, steps, etc. can be measured. The instrument can also test the surface roughness of various parts; it can test the roughness of plane, inclined surface, outer cylindrical surface, inner hole surface, deep groove surface, arc surface and spherical surface, and realize various parameter measurement .

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2. The structure of the profiler

The instrument consists of a granite plate, a workbench, a sensor, a drive box, a monitor, a computer and a printer. Different positions of the measured part can be selected during measurement, and various measurement lengths can be set for automatic measurement. tens of thousands of points. It can display or print the contour shape and its size, various roughness parameters and the supporting length rate curve of the contour, etc.

3. The use of three coordinates

In fact, I have only come into contact with one type of CMM, which is Italian coord3. For this type of CMM, I think it has a lot of flaws, and of course it has advantages. It can measure mold products, electronic products, communications, automobiles and many more. It's really versatile in a factory, but it's not cheap.

4. The structure of three coordinates

It mainly consists of 1. Mechanical system, 2. Probe system, 3. Electrical control hardware system, 4. Data processing software system.