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What are the advantages of 3d laser measuring instrument




1. Equipped with four adjustable light source systems, not only can observe the contour of the workpiece, but also can accurately measure the surface shape and height of the workpiece.

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2. Using the cold light source system can avoid the error caused by thermal deformation in the measurement of workpieces that are easily deformed, and avoid the deformation caused by contact.

3. Precise measurement in the height direction that is not affected by the surface texture and material of the part to achieve true non-contact 3D measurement. It makes it possible to measure the positional relationship such as height, flatness and spatial angle of micro-manufactured parts, and has high reliability of measurement accuracy and repeatability;

4. The workpiece can be placed at will without alignment.

5. The excellent image recognition ability in the automatic measurement process makes the automatic measurement possible. Hundreds of data for batches of products can be automatically measured and automatically output by pressing a button, changing the traditional manual measurement method that relies on experience, so that the repeatability of automatic measurement is controlled at the micron level, which greatly improves the detection level and promotes manufacturing. Quality improvement.

6. The measurement is convenient, the operation convenience of the measurement software and the expansibility of the functions; for example, the functions of automatic edge grabbing and automatic focusing reduce human errors to the greatest extent, and make the measurement method that used to be roughly estimated by the alignment of eyes and vision in the past. get qualitative improvement.

7. Sensors such as laser, probe and turntable can be added to realize the comprehensive application of multi-sensing under one coordinate system, and provide solutions to complex measurement problems.