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What is the difference between a laser displacement sensor and a laser profile sensor




The laser displacement sensor adopts the principle of laser triangulation, and the measurement spot is a point, commonly known as point laser. In essence, the measurement principle of the laser profile scanner is also triangular reflection, but the imaging CCD is a group, and the measurement spot is a line, so it is commonly known as a line laser. The measurement accuracy of the point laser is higher, but if you want to measure all the topography of the object to be measured in a large area, the efficiency will be low, because you need to measure one point at a time. The line laser can scan area and quickly form 3D contours, but the accuracy will be reduced. Which one to choose depends on the requirements of the actual measurement task.

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Both the laser displacement sensor and the laser profile sensor are sensors that realize measurement based on the principle of laser triangulation. The point laser emitted by the laser displacement sensor measures one-dimensional displacement; while the laser profile sensor emits a line laser and measures the two-dimensional contour shape; therefore, there are obvious differences and adaptation ranges between the two.

As the foundation of the Internet of Things, sensors are the key devices that support the operation of the Internet of Things. At present, a large number of applications of IoT technology in shared bicycles will also focus on the input of sensors in virtual parking spaces. The data collected by the sensors will be open to management departments and bike-sharing companies. This data can not only be used to manage shared bicycles, but also reflect real-time traffic conditions in the area, etc. When the electronic fence gradually covers the whole country, a nationwide networked "shared sensor" industry is about to be born.