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What is a laser profiler




1. What is a laser profiler?

Laser profiler uses laser scanning technology, has high frequency and high precision, can accurately and quickly measure and inspect the contour, two-dimensional size, and two-dimensional displacement of objects, and has strong environmental adaptability. Wide range of industry applications

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2. What industries can the laser profiler be used in?

Measuring Wheel Profile
The non-contact measurement of the wheel shape can quickly and accurately measure the parameters of the wheel group without direct contact.
Rail Flatness Measurement
Large-scale rail manufacturing enterprise application: using non-contact measurement system, on-line laser measurement of rail surface unevenness, and collecting the maximum and minimum data in the software, and long-term comparison with manual measurement, the results show that the two measurement methods have the largest deviation Only 0.05mm.
Track profile measurement
In order to grade the wear condition of the top surface of the rails and to estimate the necessary repair work, the measuring car installs 5-7 laser displacement sensors above each side of the track, runs at a speed of 80 miles per hour, records the measurement data every 20cm, and communicates with it. Compared with the standard data stored in the central computer, the computer classifies according to the given deviation value, and records and stores it in the computer together with the displacement data of the detection vehicle generated by the measured value.