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How to choose the right autofocus industrial camera in vision inspection equipment




In the visual inspection and industrial fields, there are many types of industrial cameras. According to different industries, the selection of auto-focusing industrial cameras is also different. Therefore, when customers choose auto-focusing industrial camera visual inspection equipment, they should choose their own products. The detection industrial camera has powerful functions. The following will introduce you to the following methods when choosing.

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      First, first define the development needs, first determine the accuracy of the target detection technology product can be required, to determine the size of the field of view to be seen by the camera, to determine the speed of the method to detect the object, and to determine whether it is dynamic analysis to detect students or static detection.

      Second, determine the type of hardware and hardware-related parameters that affect its performance, and thus determine the hardware, including the following hardware and hardware-related parameters that were first determined before:

      1. Determine the size of the pixels on the surface; the software accuracy on the market is generally error-free, that is, the usual sub-pixels, but although the software has no error, the hardware error is unavoidable, so the machine vision system on the market is generally Guaranteed to be a pixel in error.

      2. Determine the camera transmission method, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the current camera transmission methods on the market in my country and their development and application as follows:

      1) Analog camera (PCI capture card), the selectable speed requirements are not high. Advantages: stable, cost-effective; Disadvantages: frame rate is low, usually only reach 25-30 frames;

      2) The USB interface is used for the camera. The system only uses the camera of a single teacher in the enterprise. We can choose it first when high speed in China is required. Advantages: do not need to occupy PCI slots, high frame rate, cost-effective; Disadvantages: occupy the system CPU.