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Advantages of 3D camera technology for inspection




1. High precision: human vision is 64 gray levels, and the resolution of small targets is weak; machine vision can significantly improve the gray level, and can observe micron-level targets at the same time.

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2. High efficiency: The human eye cannot see the fast-moving target clearly, and the detection speed of the 3D camera is much faster than that of the human eye.

3. High stability: Machine vision solves a very serious problem for human beings. It is unstable. Manual visual inspection is a very boring and laborious industry. No matter what kind of reward and punishment system you design, there will be a relatively high missed inspection rate. But machine vision inspection equipment has no fatigue problems and no emotional fluctuations. As long as it is what you write in the algorithm, it will be executed carefully every time. In quality control, the controllability of the effect is greatly improved.

4. Information integration and retention: The amount of information obtained by machine vision is comprehensive and traceable, and relevant information can be easily integrated and retained.