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Industrial 3D Camera




Industrial 3D cameras are a new technology emerging in recent years. Compared with traditional cameras, depth cameras add a depth measurement to the function, which makes it more convenient and accurate to perceive the surrounding environment and changes.

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With the gradual development of disruptive technologies such as machine vision and autonomous driving, there are more and more applications related to object recognition, behavior recognition, and scene modeling using industrial 3D cameras. It can be said that depth cameras are the eyes of terminals and robots.

Through the data obtained by the depth camera, we can accurately know the distance of each point in the image from the camera, so adding the (x, y) coordinates of the point in the 2D image, we can obtain the three-dimensional space coordinates of each point in the image. . The real scene can be restored through 3D coordinates, and applications such as scene modeling can be realized.

A collection of projected rays with known spatial directions is called structured light. 3D refers to projection in three-dimensional space. The three-dimensional imaging based on structured light is actually the measurement and reproduction of three-dimensional parameters. It is necessary to project the structured light on the measured object, and determine the size parameters of the measured object through the deformation of the structured light. 3D structured light technology mainly uses light with certain structural characteristics emitted by near-infrared lasers, projected onto the object to be photographed, and then collected by a special infrared camera. Since this light with a certain structure is in different depth areas of the subject, the image generated after acquisition changes relative to the original light structure, and then the change of this structure is converted into depth information by the computing unit, and we get The three-dimensional structure of the object being photographed.