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There are many types of industrial high-speed cameras, how to choose




At present, there are many brands of industrial high-speed cameras on the market, with different performances and prices. Among the many products, how should we choose an industrial high-speed camera?

industrial high speed camera manufacturers

First, look at the brand

Choosing an industrial high-speed camera is the same as buying other products. It is best to choose products from big brands. The products of big brands not only have quality assurance, but also can provide us with better after-sales service. Although the price is slightly higher, it is practical Strong sex.

Second, see the use of

Before choosing an industrial high-speed camera, you must first clarify your purpose of use, and whether you want to use the high-speed camera to shoot static objects, or dynamic objects, or for size measurement and defect detection. Because of different uses, the selection criteria are also different. Therefore, before choosing a high-speed camera, you must first clarify your own use, and it is better to choose according to your actual use needs.

3. Look at the performance

When choosing an industrial high-speed camera, we must look at the performance of the camera. If we need to perform dynamic shooting, then we should know the approximate movement speed of the high-speed camera. The movement speed directly affects the minimum exposure time. Generally, the lower the frame rate, the higher the resolution of the camera.

According to these three aspects, I believe you will choose a more suitable and cost-effective industrial high-speed camera.