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Application of Industrial High Speed Camera in Rail Flash Welding




Rail flash welding is divided into four processes. The entire welding process is photographed with an industrial high-speed camera, and the defects and faults can be observed in which process, so as to make improvements. The quality of rail welded joints is closely related to rail material and chemical composition, equipment, welding process and human factors.

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When the content of silicon-manganese element in the base metal of the rail is high or the segregation of silicon-manganese element is serious, defects are prone to occur during flash welding; when the equipment is in poor condition or the response capability is poor, defects are prone to occur; when the welding parameters are not set properly, it is easy to cause defects. During the welding process of the two rail joints, some internal defects will occur. Such as gray spots, slag inclusions, incomplete penetration, looseness, overheating and overburning, etc., these defects cannot be observed with the naked eye. Using high-speed camera shooting, the entire flash welding process can be clearly observed, and the causes of these defects during welding can be detected and classified. The data analysis of the industrial high-speed camera realizes the timely acquisition of welding parameters and arc shape and then playback of welding parameters and arc shape.