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Where can industrial high-speed cameras be generally used




In the field of scientific research and analysis: high-speed cameras can capture images and motion processes that are invisible to the naked eye. The observation and analysis of turbulence, fluid velocity, flow field, bubbles, boiling, two-phase flow and other motion laws in fluid mechanics is indispensable for the participation of high-speed cameras.

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Such as the details of the moment when a stone enters the water captured by a high-speed camera. Using high-speed camera images, the researchers were able to understand the force on the stone underwater and, through hydrodynamics, analyze why the stone floated on the water many times in a row.
In the field of industrial manufacturing: In industrial manufacturing, machine vision has gradually replaced the human eye for automated measurement and inspection. The existence of industrial high-speed cameras makes up for the influence of human beings by environmental factors, so that no matter how harsh the environment is, clear images can be obtained. The industrial manufacturing applications of high-speed cameras are mainly manifested in: production line fault diagnosis, mechanical design, etc.