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What fields are industrial high-speed cameras used in




Industrial high-speed cameras are an important component in machine vision systems, and their most essential function is to convert optical signals into ordered electrical signals. Choosing the right camera is also an important part in the design of the machine vision system. The choice of the camera not only directly determines the resolution and image quality of the captured images, but also is directly related to the operating mode of the entire system.

industrial high speed camera
1. In sports: high-speed cameras are used to capture the state of the ball and the resistance generated by the air when the baseball and golf are hit.
    2. Industrial field: For example, when developing metal materials and resin materials, it is used to observe the direction and state of internal cracks when the materials are impacted.
    3. In terms of product development and product verification, digital industrial cameras have no restrictions on the size of the subject. According to the conditions of the lens, it can not only shoot general substances, but also can be used for microscope photography.
    4. During the printing process in the packaging and labeling industry, subtle defects in high-speed printing can be detected in real time, so that measures can be taken to reduce losses. Common defects such as scratches, dust, missing prints, ink marks, wrinkles, etc. will be detected, which improves the return on investment, reduces waste expenses, and improves customer satisfaction and trust.
    5. Other fields: such as machine vision, scientific research, military science, aerospace and many other fields, especially in the intelligent transportation industry: speeding capture, red light electronic police, high-speed intersections, card tolls and other transportation industries have also achieved good use.