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What problems will be encountered in the use of industrial 3D cameras




Products such as industrial 3D cameras are relatively common in our lives. In fact, if we want to choose this kind of product, we may consider the problems they encounter during use. If these common problems can be solved in time, it can indeed bring us better protection.

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1: The number of point clouds scanned is relatively small
If this happens, then it is best for you to check the information displayed on some depth camera viewfinder interfaces marked with yellow boxes, and see if the information displayed by them is the same as the information displayed on the camera determination interface above the entire information. of. If the two kinds of information are different after a simple comparison, it is recommended that you adjust the scanning distance according to the actual situation. The reason why this happens may be because the scanning distance is relatively close or it is relatively far away. In addition, during the scanning process, it is best to pay attention to the distance on the left side of the scanning interface.
Problem 2: Tracking loss occurs during scanning
If this happens during the scanning process of an industrial 3D camera, it may also be caused by the scanning speed being too fast or the movement of the model. It is recommended that you check the scanning speed as much as possible, and you can also aim the scanner at the effectively recognized area, and the identifiable range is basically the same. Continue to scan at an appropriate distance and speed through the scan, so that smooth stitching can be done.