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What to Know About Using Industrial 3D Cameras




Industrial 3D cameras are the most common equipment in our lives. In fact, when most people use this equipment, they do not know much about the equipment. What information is important to know when using a 3D scanner?

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When an industrial 3D camera is working, many people may think that it is an enhanced version of the camera, but it is mainly for 3D renderings. The entire scanner will collect all the objects that can be seen in his field of view. This product is still very different from the camera. It can record the position information of all objects and places, not a simple one. Intervene in color and appearance.
How do industrial 3D cameras record information?
In the process of working, the 3D scanner mainly relies on the distance of the scanner or the surface of the object to record relevant information. Usually these scanners can be divided into two types, either contact type products or non-contact type products. The contact type product is to be in direct contact with the unscanned object, while the non-contact type product does not need to be in direct contact, and can be collected by laser or radiation.