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SINCEVISION SG series laser displacement sensor, solving an important scientific and technological puzzle for "Made in China" industry





During the novel coronavirus epidemic that occurred in the Spring Festival of 2020, a temperature scanner could display the temperature of the human body in one or two seconds. This was not only convenient and fast, but also accurate. It mainly relied on one component to convert the temperature into a display number, which is a tiny sensor. The expected demand for sensors in 2020 will be 1 trillion, and the scale of China's sensor industry will be 60 billion yuan.

Among the many sensor products available on the market, the latest SG series laser displacement sensor from SINCEVISION Intelligence has been acquired in large volumes by Foxconn, BYD, Lite-On, Huawei, and other internationally renowned companies due to its ultra-high sampling speed, ultra-high accuracy, and ultra-high reproducibility. purchase object.

The new SG series laser displacement sensor from SINCEVISION uses the principle of triangulation. Through the redesign of CMOS, the pixel width, number of pixels, and photosensitivity performance are doubled, so that the optimal light spot shape can be used to achieve unparalleled accuracy. Rough objects, fine objects, and transparent or mirrored objects can be measured with wide spot type, focused spot type, and mirror reflection type for targeted high-precision measurement. Of these, the sampling speed of the SG3000 series reaches 88kHz, more than 40 times that of traditional models; ultra-high linearity reaches ±0.05%, twice as high as that of traditional models; and reproducibility reaches 0.05 microns, 10 times that of traditional models. The performance of the SG5000 series products is even better than that of the SG3000 series. In addition to the consistent ultra-high precision, the linearity of the SG5000 products reaches ±0.02%, and reproducibility has reaches 0.02 microns; and the sampling speed of the SG5000 products is 592 kHz, which is the fastest sampling speed in the world, and can accurately capture the displacement changes of fast-moving and rotating objects. SG series products have wide applications in the semiconductor/LCD, electronic/electrical components, OA/multimedia, automobile/transportation, metal manufacturing, plastic/rubber/film, and other industries.

SINCEVISION is a national high-tech enterprise established in Shenzhen in 2014. It has core technologies such as machine vision, 3D algorithms, optical imaging, hardware acceleration, and precision measurement. It focuses on the research and development of 3D vision systems in the field of machine vision. It launched the first domestic ultra-high-speed line laser 3D profile measuring instrument, which solves existing problems in many industries. SINCEVISION holds hundreds of patents and intellectual property rights, and adheres to the values ​​of "innovation, rigor, sharing, and win-win". Through the continuous innovation of 3D scanning technology and detection technology, SINCEVISION will continue to provide enterprises and society with a diversified suite of technical services and product experiences.

Sensors that integrate materials science, nanotechnology and microelectronics technology are critical and fundamental technologies that determine whether future breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data centers, and augmented reality technologies can be achieved. It is a vital measure of China's technological development in the 21st century. We believe that with the continuous advancement of China's "Industrial Manufacturing 2025" plan, SINCEVISION will make full use of the third information technology revolution to achieve huge breakthroughs in productivity and solve more problems for the industry, and that SG series laser displacement sensors will also become core technologies that are indispensable in many industries!