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Nowadays, automated production has become popular, and factory production lines are both impressive and efficient. But how can we quickly detect whether the products they output are meet quality standards in an era of high-efficiency production, and how can we further detect which part of substandard products have problems? In such situations, the help of a machine vision system is a must.


2D machine vision inspection has been in development for more than 30 years. The technology is relatively mature, and it is widely used in the field of automation and product quality control. The traditional 2D visual imaging principle is to use a flat sensor (CMOS/CCD) to receive the visible light reflected or emitted by the photographed object to form a two-dimensional image, but the real world is a three-dimensional world, and the image information obtained by 2D imaging loses characteristic information. Defects such as the inability to measure shape, being easily affected by lighting conditions, and being very sensitive to the movement of the object to be measured have become increasingly prominent, causing these systems to gradually be less and less capable of satisfying their purpose. 3D imaging adds depth information to flawlessly compensate for the defects of 2D imaging. While acquiring plane graphics, 3D imaging can capture three-dimensional information to provide length, width, and height data, which provides key features for later image analysis, through which computers or smart devices can fully recreate the real world.


After decades of development, domestic 2D image acquisition and imaging systems are relatively mature, meaning they are technically autonomous and controllable, but domestic 3D image acquisition and imaging systems are still in their infancy. Most of the current mainstream high-end 3D cameras are from foreign manufacturers. With the continuous development of industrial automation, market demand for 3D industrial cameras is increasing at a rate of 40% every year. On one hand, this situation has led to high costs for building automated 3D inspection systems in China. On the other, because the core technology is not autonomous and controllable, detection accuracy and speed are completely dependent on the status quo of foreign products, which seriously affects the development of high-end manufacturing in China. However, there is a team striving to develop domestic Chinese 3D industrial cameras and making its mark in the field of 3D machine vision.


 Shenzhen Sincevision Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of embedded machine vision and providing image processing system solutions. SINCEVISION's focus is technological innovation, and the company also has a highly competent technical research and development team. To date, the industrial smart camera system independently developed by SINCEVISION have obtained more than 30 patents covering independent intellectual property rights, and its products include 3D industrial cameras, laser profile measuring instruments, laser profile scanners, laser profile sensors, 3D line scans cameras, 3D detection equipment, and so on.


In addition, SINCEVISION is the first company in China to release a smart camera with FPGA+ARM architecture. SINCEVISION's products are widely used in robot guidance and positioning, electronic parts testing, product assembly, food packaging testing, pharmaceutical industry testing, and other fields.


DSINCEVISION's intelligent 3D laser scanner obtains the spatial coordinates of the surface of the scanned object by scanning the shape, structure, and color of the object, which are then converted to a digital signal that computers can process directly. SINCEVISION's 3D laser profiler, also known as an outer profile sensor, uses the principle of laser triangulation to collect profile information about surfaces of different materials. SINCEVISION's products are more advanced than other similar products in terms of Z-direction measurement accuracy, measurement speed, X-direction measurement range, and other professional data categories. They are widely used in industrial production, and have received a high degree of technical recognition. Filling the domestic void of high-speed and high-precision 3D inspection technology means we play a pivotal role in promoting the development of the entire domestic 3D inspection industry.


Since its establishment, Shenzhen Sincevision Technology Co., Ltd. has existed in the era of Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0. SINCEVISION adheres to the enterprise spirit of "forging ahead and pursuing excellence", and is committed to continuous innovation through machine vision. Technology R&D and innovation promotes the improvement of the production and operational efficiency of China's manufacturing industry, and promotes the development of China's Industry 4.0. In the future, SINCEVISION will move forward with the times, and is determined to become the benchmark for first-class machine vision enterprises in China!