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Comparison and advantages of different series





SR6000 Series:

This will be officially launched soon. It will offer reduced cost and a high cost-performance ratio suitable primarily for the low-end market. For the traditional manufacturing industry, it will create new applications and unleash massive market potential for traditional industries. It is used in shoe material production, robot welding, robot handling, quality measurement of building materials such as ceramic tile, and so on.

Accuracy: twice as low as the detection accuracy of SR7000 series products

Speed: 1/3 of the measurement speed of SR7000 series products


SR7000 series:

Mature product, currently a high-volume seller

The SINCEVISION SR7050 matches the field of vision of KEYENCE's highest-precision LJ-V7020/7060/7080 three-cameras models

Due to the difference in scanning width, KEYENCE requires 3 to 4 cameras to scan in parallel to complete a single measurement.

The product speed and accuracy are completely comparable to that of KEYENCE, and they are on the same level as KEYENCE.

The number of pixels of a single contour: 3200 points for SINCEVISION, 800 points for Keyence, SINCEVISION offers 4 times that of KEYENCE.

Scanning width: For the same height accuracy, the scanning width of SINCEVISION is 3~4 times that of Keyence


SR8000 series:

About to be officially released, it has the highest scanning speed in the industry, and has improved the measurement accuracy of the industry to a higher level

Adapt to customers' pursuit of higher quality and create industry technical benchmarks.

Accuracy: 2 times higher than the measurement accuracy of SR7000 series products

Speed: 4 times faster than the measurement speed of SR7000 series products