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Talk about the difficulties of machine vision




Among the many industrial upgrading values brought by artificial intelligence, machine vision will undoubtedly contribute greatly. Whether in industry, agriculture, service industry, and financial industry, intelligent solutions based on visual interaction occupy more than 80% of intelligent systems. Furthermore, vision is often the bearer of techniques such as knowledge graphs, semantic segmentation, and machine learning.



The industrialization of artificial intelligence now has a consensus on the importance of machine vision both inside and outside the industry. The main problem in this industry cycle is how machine vision, as a general technical capability of a system, can be separated from vertical industries with obvious differences and relatively complex industry rules, so that machine vision can be transferred from the safe industry to a more advanced industry. multi-category. The improvement of industrial scenarios has elevated machine vision from an external auxiliary force in the industry to the center of practical consumer systems.

The process of machine vision and industrial scenarios from shallow integration to deep coupling, from auxiliary functions to central consumption capabilities can indeed see many elements that urgently need to be upgraded in industry and technology. In the process of marching towards a huge market, machine vision is not a golden key, but an industry starting point that requires constant improvement, improvement and reconstruction.

Seal ring machine vision inspection equipment Today's machine vision software and hardware environment is in a stage of rapid development. In order to separate industry needs from machine vision, product and processing planning systems must also be updated in technological development trends. For example, the arrival of 5G provides an iterative approach with large bandwidth and low latency for the network infrastructure, which will bring new imagination to the machine vision in the industry. 5G machine vision equipment has also become a new market demand space.