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What are the revolutionary characteristics of optical field imaging technology?

What are the revolutionary characteristics of optical field imaging technology?

When it comes to light field imaging, many people are still in a fog. But when it comes to light field cameras, I believe that many people will suddenly understand. The magic of a light field camera is that it can focus accurately at low light levels and even at high speed, so that it can take clear and visible pictures. Light field cameras are related to light field imaging. Then, what is the optical field imaging? What principle is used? The following Beijing Lingyunguang Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed answer.
The traditional imaging method can achieve the effect of focusing in the static state, but when the object moves at high speed or has a relatively large distance, it is difficult to focus, often out of focus and out of focus. This is not conducive to shooting. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, researchers have discovered the technology of optical field imaging.
The optical field imaging technology utilizes the four-dimensional position and direction of light radiation in the propagation path. Compared with the traditional imaging method, two more degrees of freedom f are recorded, but these two degrees of freedom can obtain more abundant images. In addition, this technology can also solve the situation of out-of-focus, out-of-focus and out-of-focus, reduce the problem of many background targets, and obtain a large and clear three-dimensional stereogram. The starting point of light field imaging is to obtain light field. There are usually three ways to get light field. The first is microlens array, which is the simplest way to get light field. However, this way of lens is external, so there will be new differences. The second is the camera array, which is a method of reconstructing the light field data by using the different arrangement of cameras in space and producing slightly different images visually. The third is the mask, which changes the aperture of the camera and reconstructs the light field data. However, the structure of the aperture is complex and difficult to handle. Light field imaging technology is a revolutionary imaging technology, which not only arouses the sensation of the photography industry, but also attracts the attention of industry, aerospace, scientific research, film and television. It can be seen that light field imaging is not only used for cameras, but also for chip light sources, lenses, acquisition cards and so on. The industries involved are aviation, digital, electronic, transportation, industry and so on. It is widely used.